Big Island Weather

Waikoloa, Hawaii Conditions

This Waikoloa Village weather station may be slightly cooler than we are in the Beach Resort. Check the weekly forecast, sunrise/sunset times.

Sunny A Bay beach with palmsLush tropical rain forest with waterfalls

America's most diverse climate from sunniest to rainiest

Hawaii's Big Island is home to two of the world's tallest mountains rising from the ocean floor, the world's most active volcano and 11 of the world's 13 climate zones. The island contains America's wettest area near Hilo and most Southern point.

The sun shines most days on the island's prettiest beaches on its West Coast, including Waikoloa Beach Resort with 10-20 inches of rain yearly. North toward Waipi'o Valley and around Volcano it can rain 300 inches yearly producing tropical rain forests and many spectacular waterfalls. Go early to catch a rainbow at Hilo's Rainbow Falls.

Mauna Kea Observatory at dusk

Temperatures vary with elevation

At sea level Waikoloa Beach Resort temperatures average a perfect 71-85° in summer and 62-78° in winter. With every 1000 foot climb in elevation the temperature drops about 3.5°. Mauna Kea Volcano at 13,796 feet is chilly with occasional winter snow at Mauna Kea Observatory.

Lava in Volcanoes Nat'l Park

Kilauea Volcano's activity and weather

The Big Island is larger than all the other islands combined, about 4,050 square miles and growing daily. Kilauea's continual eruptions oozing lava into the sea have added 600 acres since 1983. It can be rainy and cool when exploring Volcanoes Nat'l Park and lava tubes up at 4000 feet elevation, so take a jacket. Check today's volcanic activity and weather before you go.

Surfer at Polulu Beach

Surf and boogie boarding conditions

Ocean temperatures are pretty comfortable all year ranging from 80° in summer to a milder 74° in winter.

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